Mgr. Radek Hanák and Mgr. Miriam Bachyncová are behind the project of Online Legal Service. Our lawyers have extensive legal practice experience in the Czech Republic, in the Slovak Republic and abroad. They are also innovative-minded people at the same time. We are very business oriented and we know that business success is important. We are experienced negotiators. We work with the latest technologies. We want to offer our clients modern and customized legal solutions. You can learn more about our work experience below


Mgr. Radek Hanák

Attorney at Law/Advocate, member of the Czech Bar Association

Previous experience:
  • Asekol - Legal & Regulatory Manager for Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Wrigely - Senior attorney for the region of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Balkans
  • LG - General Counsel for Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic
  • IBM - in-house counsel


Mgr. Radek Hanák is an experienced lawyer with extensive experience in the multinational corporations as well as smaller local companies, where he worked as a lawyer and manager of the legal department. Currently, he is dedicated to advocacy, where he successfully uses the knowledge of needs of business corporations. He's a lawyer, whose goal is to provide legal services to a wide range of clients, however he is specializing primary to the IT area. He offers legal services to individuals, businesses and corporations.

Clients especially appreciate him for his in-depth knowledge, through which he easily solves even the most difficult cases. He can react quickly and is not afraid of complex and large projects. Entrust yourself into the expert hands of Mgr. Radek Hanák. He will always do the best to resolve your situation.

Mgr. Miriam Bachyncová

CEO, Gepards@Madison, PrávníServisOnline, SmlouvyOnline24

Previous experience:
  • Accenture - Contract Management and Legal Service Center director for Central / Eastern Europe
  • IBM - in-house counsel
  • Attorney at Law/Advocate, member of the Slovak Bar Association


miriam TEAM

Mgr. Miriam Bachyncová is an expert on outsourcing transactions and has extensive practical experience in various areas of law, corporate management, business and internet business. She applies in her work the knowledge and experience she gained from the legal profession and also while working in multinational corporations, where, among other things, she worked in an international team and successfully built and has established a new internal function for Central and Eastern Europe - Contract Management. Mgr. Bachyncová now has her own consulting, IT and advisory company that is interested in innovative internet solutions and it also offers local regional and global technology and marketing solutions for the legal profession.

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