Legal services for Individuals

We provide legal services and advice in all areas of Czech law. We'll deal with any legal situation for which you need to find a solution. You can choose from the services listed below and contact us.

Have you not find a legal solution to the question you just have? Contact us via e-mail or contact form. We will recommend the best solution for you.

Contracts - Preparation

Contracts are an integral part of everyone's life. We can prepare for you a customized contract by experienced professionals. We will prepare a tailored solution that accurately take into account your needs.

Contracts - Review

Do you have to sign a contract you do not understand? Send it to us for review. We will carefully go through and evaluate it. In case of unfavorable provisions we will propose the necessary changes.


We provide all legal services that you need in connection with your divorce. You can count on us, from the initial consultation, through the drafting of the divorce until settlement of joint property of spouses and arrangements for contact between you and children. We'll write for you also a prenup.

Modifying contact concerning children

Are you divorcing and do you want to be sure that you will continue to interact with your children in the future? Are you dealing with alimony and child support? Do not hesitate to contact us. We'll write you a draft amendment for contact with children and represent you in court, incl. disputes regarding alimony and child support.

Joint property of spouses

We prepare a prenuptial agreement, modification of joint property of spouses, as well as the assets of the former spouses. We try to make everything to be calm and as quickly as possible.


We provide legal aid to employees who have problems with their employer. We will provide you consultation, verifying contracts and represent you in negotiations with the employer and the possible court proceedings.


Have you become a victim of discrimination? Please contact us. We will gladly help you with this problem. We will make sure you will get adequate compensation.

Compensation for damage

Do you have the right for compensation for the damage that was caused to you by someone else? We will gather together all the necessary evidence. We'll write for you all the necessary documents, filings for court and we will do everything possible to get compensation for you.

Consumer protection

Have you become a victim of dishonest conduct on the part of the seller? We will advise you on how to complain and get your money back. We will help you with judicial and non-judicial solution to your dispute.


Do you have outstanding debts overdue? Get your money back with help of law. If the debtor does not respond to your call, it is time to resolve the matter before the court. We will analyze the case, write the requests and submit a proposal for the court, and then guide you through the process of execution so that you will get your money back.

Acknowledgment of debt

Have peace of mind. We'll write for you an acknowledgment of debt in the event that someone owes you money. If you received from a debtor an acknowledgment of debt, have it checked with us for a security reason. With the acknowledgment of debt you will get stronger protection.

Protection of personal rights

The right to protection of personality is one of the most important right that any person has. Do not let someone interfere into this right without any penalty to him and defend this right. Existing legislation provides a broad range of privacy and personal rights and we are ready to assist you with protecting your personality.


Are you in a difficult financial situation? Please contact us and we'll help you to find a way out. We will prepare a discharge plan with repayment schedule, we will sign the opinion to the court, or we will represent you in the court and guide you through insolvency proceedings.

Real estate transfers

It is always recommended to be very careful with the transfer of property to another person. These actions should always be done with the presence of experienced lawyer. A tailored contract will prevent many future problems.

Criminal offenses

We take care about victims of crime, as well as those who have been charged with a criminal offense. We will represent you during the investigation, in the court, we will prepare the necessary filings, opinions, prepare evidence and we will help you legally resolve plight.

Representation in court

We will represent you in the court in all cases that may arise. We are able to represent you in the courts of all levels in the Czech Republic. Contact us for more details.

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