Legal services for entrepreneurs and business corporations

We are business oriented and we know that business success is important. Also, we are experienced negotiators. Take advantage of many years of our experience in commercial law, its application in practice, and other related areas of law. Select the service and contact us by e-mail or using the inquiry form. We will answer all your questions and discuss the next steps.

Have you not find a specific service in the above list that would address the legal questions needed to be answered? Simply contact us. We will be happy to oblige and choose the best solution for you.

Contracts - Preparation

Contracts are an important part of doing business for large and small companies and entrepreneurs. We are ready to participate with you to negotiate the terms of contract with your business partners. With our help you will get a quality contract that will hold up in the most difficult situations.

Contracts - Review

Before signing a contract it is always advisable that you have it read over by an experienced lawyer. Send us your contract and we will prepare our expert opinion and any proposal to amend the content for your benefit.

Company - establishment

We will establish a company for you. We can register this company for you with all authorities and prepare the necessary documents. You will save a lot of time that you can invest in the development of your new company.

Company - changes

Whether you are going to change the registered office, business name, partners, assets, shares or anything else in your company, you will need professional advice and assistance from a lawyer. Please contact us and we will solve everything for you.

The subordination of business corporations to new Business Corporations Act

We provide new foundation documents in the form of a notarial record, organize a general meeting without having you to be present, the petition for registration of changes in the commercial register. Your company will be subject to new regulations, without limiting your time..

Transfer of shares

You can count with us as well in the case of transfers of shares. We take care of the preparation of contracts, we organize a general meeting and registration of changes in the commercial register.

Contract for performance of the function

Statutory body bears a significant responsibility, and even personal, but often lacks sufficient collateral contract. You can fix it with us, we will prepare new or revise existing agreement on performance.

Terms and Conditions

We will prepare for your business terms and conditions or framework contract that will accurately correspond with the needs of your company and business.


Are you a new company or an entrepreneur, have a great idea or your business that need to be protected by contract, resolve investments or need get step by step help? Please contact us.

Employment law

Please contact us if you need to prepare quality employment contracts, contracts for work or agreement to perform work or if you need to terminate the employment relationship with employees or protect your know-how against abuse by former employees.

Internet projects

Are you doing business on the internet or you create the websites or making orders for websites or managing websites? Internet projects need legal advice and protection. We will prepare or check your contracts and provide further consultation.


We will help you with the process of collecting your outstanding receivables. We will represent you or your company in any court in the Czech Republic. We will prepare action or a call to fulfill obligations to your debtor.

Company internal regulations

We will create a clear and easily understandable business rules for your company or business in accordance with your company policy, ethics and law. We will help you and your business to ensure compliance with the law, or set process of effective delegation of powers to manage the company. Just contact us and tell us your requirements. We will help you.

Contract Management

We'll take care for you on a complete contract management of your contracts. This includes negotiating the terms of the contracts, securing and monitoring their compliance, change management and effective management and analysis of individual contracts for better financial as well as operational efficiency of your business and to achieve the objectives on which you have concluded these contracts.

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