Solve your problem without having to visit the law firm. Online legal services will save your valuable time. All interaction is quick and easy to understand. For example, start with basic free consultation. Then you can decide whether you entrust your legal problem to us.


Basic free consultation

This service gives you a free 15-minute consultation in some, simpler cases. Enter your phone number in the contact form and provide brief description of your legal situation. We will contact you within 24 hours and provide you with qualified legal consultation.

Request specific legal advice

Are you interested in our legal services? You can use the contact form or contact us directly by phone or e-mail. Simply describe your legal problem, request its solution, attach related documentation and we will contact you with confirmation of receipt and price quotation.

Written response to your inquiry

We will provide you with a written legal advice online. Contact us by e-mail, or better, via contact form. In some events of simpler cases, we can provide free short advice. In other cases we will inform you about the price in advance.



Are you solving legal problem or are you about to make an important legal step? Use our services from the comfort of your home. We will analyze your situation and suggest the most suitable solution to suit your time and budget. You can reach out to us in all areas of law. Our specialization is Internet projects and outsourcing.


We provide consultations to individuals and businesses. This service is ideal also for those who do not have their own legal department, and still need the services and advice of an experienced counsel.

Representation in courts and authorities

In the event of litigation (court or administrative proceeding) we can represent you before the courts or other authorities. We can also assist with prosecutions or appeals.

Legal and consulting services

Advisory for Startups

Startups or in other words, new projects and new companies shouldn’t go without proper legal advice. We have our own experience with startups and can offer informed advisory in starting your business locally or internationally. We will help you legally to roof over your new business project to meet all required needs. You can also choose our special monthly offer “Packages”.

Cross-border transactions

We provide advisory on contracts or other transactions that are concluded between parties from different countries or relate to services, situations or other matters with international element. We can also arrange for legal services in other countries for the purposes of checking your transactions from the applicable the local law.


We see ourselves as experts in contracts for local and international business process outsourcing , IT support and other outsourcing. We offer professional consultation and creation of contracts in this field both locally and internationally. We work in English, Czech and Slovak languages.


Contract management

This is trending internal business process, which is responsible for proper contract management environment in your company. Contract management will ensure that your contracts will be understood to functions within your company, followed, administered, properly amended and its business goals will be maximized. Contract management process combines flexible legal, commercial and administrative aspects in the contract lifecycle.

Internal corporate regulations

Do you want to be sure that your company has modern and legally valid internal employee and company regulations? Please contact us. We will make or check your existing business regulations or terms and conditions related to your business.

Legal concierge

"Legal concierge" is a new offering to our market, and natural result and reaction to today’s global world. Many companies and entrepreneurs expand with their business abroad. You can use this service when you are creating a foreign branch, sending employees to work abroad or exporting or importing services to or from abroad or making transactions with international element. Legal concierge speaks English fluently and is able to help and arrange solving your personal and corporate affairs abroad through legal representatives in other countries. Furthermore, it is possible to delegate to Legal concierge supervision of your affairs abroad.

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